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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Our Unit on Plants and Trees

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By now I'm sure that most of you have seen your child's Tree Book through the Seesaw blog.  If you haven't accessed the Seesaw app yet, please email me at for directions on how to get onto the Seesaw app to view and hear your child's work throughout the year.  Seesaw allows you to access and comment on your child's work.  They are thrilled when they see a message from an adult that they know and love!

Below are the photos of the many weeks of activities and leading up to your child's Seesaw Tree Journal created on Bookcreator and drawing pad.

Dissecting a Plant to Learn About It's Parts

Below are photos of the children dissecting their pansies to observe various parts of the plant:

Writing About What We Observed:

We Performed Experiments on the 
Function of Stems and Roots:

We Drew the Seeds and Leaves of Various 
Trees on Our Own Playground to Observe Their Differences:

Ms. Pavlicek Came from the Science Center to 
Lead Our Tree Walk

We took pictures of three different types of trees, as well as their seeds and leaves:

Using Various Classroom Materials to 
Make and Label Our Plant Models: