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Friday, August 25, 2017

Welcome to Room 111

I can't wait to meet you on Tuesday, September 5th!

Remember to bring these things with you:
  • Bus tag with your afternoon bus number written on it. 
  • Your decorated puzzle piece that you received in the mail.
  • Sneakers in case we have Gym.
  • A healthy snack with water or juice.
  • Lunch
  • And, most importantly, a smile!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tide Pool Photos and Important Dates

I can't believe that there are less than 3 weeks left of school!  The year has flown by and I have truly enjoyed being with your children this year.  They are a wonderful group filled with enthusiasm and joy.  Below are a few dates to mark on your calendars this month:

Save the date for our Dino-Mite Show
The children have been practicing their singing and dancing to put on a marvelous end of the year show on Tuesday, June 20th at 9:00 am!

Field Day is this Friday, June 9th (Raindate is Friday, June 16th)
This is a really fun day for the school!  Please be sure to have your child wear sneakers and layers if it's a chilly day.  

Last Day of School is Friday, June 23rd
It is a half day -- there is no lunch, but please still send a snack in with your child!

Tide Pool Photos:
It was a fabulous day!  Also, a big thanks to all of those who chaperoned.  Also, if any other parents have photos from this day, please send them to me so that I can post them on the blog as well.  I was busy hunting for sea creatures with my group and didn't get a chance to take a snapshot of every child...sorry!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Giving A Hoot About Informative Writing

Room 111 recently completed its unit on Informative Writing.  After much researching and writing, the class each wrote and published their own book on Owls.

Learning about Parts and Function
The goal of the unit was for the children to learn about the parts and functions of animals.  Each class chose an animal on which to do a report.  We picked the owl and Ms. Pavlicek even brought her own Edison the Owl in for us to meet!

We began by sorting small plastic animals by their attributes.  We then wrote how some animals were the same as others and chose an animal to draw and label its parts.

Then we made "Me-maps" by drawing and labeling ourselves.

Next we created a R.A.N. chart, listing all the facts that we thought we knew about owls -- before our unit of study.

Ms. Pavlicek brought in Edison the Owl
to meet the class!

Sketch to Stretch
We then listened to fact books about owls and sketched pictures to help us remember pertinent facts.  We then took our sketches and wrote a few sentences to go with what we had drawn.


We continued our research by reading books, looking at posters and watching educational videos about owls.  We wrote more facts into our research notebooks.  We even entered our sketch-to-stretch facts into our research notebooks.

Adding photos to our writing.
After writing a "sloppy copy" or first draft, we made a book on the BookCreator app by typing in our words and researching photos on the Photos for Class app.

Time to Celebrate!
Lastly we celebrated by listening and commenting on each other's books.

We all learned so much about owls and about informative writing!  For many of us, owls became our favorite bird of prey.  Ask your child about owls. You'll be surprised at what they know!