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Sunday, November 24, 2013

We've Published Our First Book!

Our First Published Class Book!
Below you can view our very first published book!  Each child brainstormed and chose a favorite moment from the farm field trip.  They then wrote, revised, illustrated and published a short three-page story with a beginning, middle and end.  Final drafts were typed into the Book Creator App on their iPads. 

Upon finishing their writing, the children then went onto their iPads and created illustrations to go with their words on the Drawing Pad app.  Their artwork was saved to their camera roll and then uploaded into their Book Creator app.  The individual books were then compiled into one big class book.

Take a moment to look at the book here.  Have your child read his/her entry to you personally! 

(To get rid of the side bar on the left, just click on the arrow on the top left hand side and the sidebar will collapse). 

Here are some photos of the class drafting their stories, editing them and publishing them onto their iPads:

Studying Sound and Light:
We have learning all about light and sound during Science in Room 111 this month.  Ask your child what they know about how we see and hear, vibrations, sound waves, light, reflection and shadows.  Here are some photos of them performing experiments and recording what they observed into their science folders and their iPads.  We are creating an e-book, documenting all of the science experiments we are performing this year.

Here is the class performing and writing about sound experiments:

Here is the class performing and writing about light experiments:

Here are some belated pictures of the class on Halloween.  (Sorry for the delay)

Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up!  
By now you should have received a reminder from your child's reading teacher about your conference time and date.  If you have not received a reminder and do not remember your appointment time, please contact your child's reading teacher right away: 
Leah Forbes -
Diane Jefferson -
Tina Sosnowski -
Shelagh Maiorana -
Irene Farmer -

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please have a joyful (and yummy) thanksgiving.  I am truly grateful to have the privilege to teach (and learn from) your children every day.  Thank you for all you do as a caring and loving parent and partner in education.