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This is a page dedicated to all the work done in my Reading Class.  If your child has me for a Reading Teacher, please refer to this page to get updates on what special projects we are doing in Reading Class and helpful hints on how to access websites, materials and special resources on this blog which can help your child.

About this blog:

First of all, the main posts are dedicated to my homeroom, so if you have a child in another homeroom this area may not be of great interest to you.  However, the right hand side of this blog which is labeled "Pages" are loaded with resources for you.  In addition to this page labeled "Reading Class Blog," you can find other pages to help you.  If your child is only in my reading class and not in my homeroom, the pages most helpful (in addition to this page) are: Fee Reading Websites, 100 Sight Words for First Grade, and Apps In the Classroom.  Apps in the classroom lists both reading and math apps which I used last year when I piloted the iPads.  These are my favorite, most educational (and fun) apps.

Lastly, this page allows for comments, so if you have a question you need answered you can either just comment directly on the page or email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I am available.

Each time I make a new post I will give you an email alert.  You will have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the latest post as the older posts will still be listed.

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