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Monday, February 27, 2017

Chicks In the Classroom

Mrs. Pavlicek of the Science Center provided the first grade with a unique opportunity to witness the development of chicks from incubator to brooder box.

The Chick Show
While the eggs began their incubation at the science center, Ms. P. came to Francis Wyman to present the life cycle of the chick through a special show:

Ms. P. introduced the egg and had three guests try to break the shell by squeezing it.

All were unable to break the egg by squeezing it -- even Mr. D!

After trying unsuccessfully to crush the egg with their hands, they then easily broke the shell by cracking it on the glass bowl.

Ms. P. then explained the Parts and Function of the Incredible Egg!

She introduced various sizes of eggs from different birds -- both live and extinct.

Ms. P. went onto to explain: 

1. The parts of the egg.

2. How an egg becomes fertilized.

3. The number of days a chicken fertilizes its eggs.

4. How an egg stays warm within an incubator. 

5.  Rules for the chicks and incubator.

6.  The introduction of the Rooster and the...

...the Hen

Back in the classroom, we learned about the development of the chick inside the egg:

Then the incubator and eggs arrived in our classroom two days prior to the hatching:

We used our iPads and our chick journal to document all of observations of the eggs, the chicks hatching and how the chicks changed over the next 5 days: 

Lastly, we gathered around the chicks and observed them up close.  We even touched and held them!