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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring show photos, Field Trip Updates and more

Some photos from our Spring Show!

Field Trip to See Click, Clack Moo
Reminder:  The field trip to see Click, Clack, Moo is on Thursday, April 3rd.  Chaperones have the choice of either driving or traveling on the bus for this trip.  The students will eat lunch when we return to school, so there is no need to pack a brown bag lunch for this trip.

Off to the Rainforest!
We are waddling out of Antarctica and traveling into the Rain Forest for our next unit of study.  We will learn about the layers of the RainForest, the animals and plants which thrive there and how we can do our part to help save the RainForest from further destruction.

We are wrapping up our unit on measurement and you will soon receive all of their hard work from this unit.  Our focus now will be on adding and subtracting with tens and ones.  As always, please help your child's math fluency by having them go onto xtramath (click here) a few times a week.  (Please contact me if you have lost or misplaced your child's password.) It's quick and easy and most children seem to love it!  I've also opened up access to more homework in ST Math if your child is enjoying that program as well.

Monday, March 11, 2013

100th Day and Dr. Suess Celebrations

Photos of Our 100th Day of School Activities!
We come together as a first grade team to celebrate the 100th Day of School.  Each day during the week in which the 100th day of school falls, our classes switch during math time and go to another classroom to participate in that classroom's 100th day activity.  This is a fun and engaging way to teach children how to count by 5's and 10's to 100 and how to organize materials for proper counting.
Below are photos of the activities each classroom provided:
Room 105 played a 100 board game which involved counting by 10's:

 In Homeroom Room 111 we counted by tens and filled our pictures with 100 paint dots:

 Room 112 had many fun sheets of activities involving 100:

Room 110 wrote about 100 things the children wished they DID have and 100 things they were glad that they did NOT have:
 Room 109 had fun stamping activities involving counting to 100:

Polie Officer Kent reads a book to the First Grade

Mrs. MacDonald visits the classroom as the Cat in the Hat