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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays from Room 111!


Room 111 Holiday Party December 22, 2010 (Click on "Field Trips" menu on the right for more photos of our celebrations.)

A Special Thank You to All of the 
Parents of Children in Room 111
Thank you for all of the very thoughtful and generous classroom and individual gifts!  I appreciate the thought and sentiment that went into each and every gift.  Thank you for entrusting me with your most precious gift -- your child -- each and every day.  The start of the year has been great and although I am looking forward to a nice holiday break, I am excited to start a new year of adventure.

Please click on the right to see more photos of your child participating in the Polar Express, the gingerbread decorating and the holiday party.  Great fun was had by all this week as they also saw the Kindergarden Nutcracker and the school's holiday concert.

Please enjoy a restful, joy-filled and healthy end to the year.  I look forward to the second half of the school year being even more exciting!  Here's to a happy, healthy, abundant 2011.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Special Holiday Happenings for December

Mark Your Calendar
Important dates to remember for December:

December 10th -- the entire first grade rotated to each of the five classrooms to learn about the five different holidays celebrated this season: Hanukkah, Christmas, Divali, and Eid.  Ask your children to share with you what was similiar in how each of the holidays were celebrated when you get the chance.  It was a fun and informative day!

December 21st -- Polar Express/Pajama Day:  Be sure to send your child in wearing their pajamas on this day!  (Please send in a change of clothes for outside recess.)  We will evoke the mood of The Polar Express by reading the story as the kids sip on hot chocolate and nibble on cookies.  If your child has any allergies, please send in a special treat which they can have during this time.

December 22 -- Holiday Party for the Class.  Children will celebrate the holiday season with a Gingerbread Cookie decorating party.  I have purchased the cookies.  Room mothers will be contacting you to send in the decorating materials for the cookies.  If your child has allergies, they will be permitted to decorate the cookies, but instructed to bring them home and give them as a gift to a family member without allergies.  Please feel free to send in a special allergy-free treat for your child to eat at the party.

December 24th - no school.  Enjoy your holiday break!

Say Hello to Fluffy, Our Classroom's Newest Member:
Want to Fluffy to Visit Your Home?
Please welcome the latest addition to Room 111.  The kids are thrilled to have him.  Fluffy will need a home over holiday breaks and weekends.  You will be provided with all of the necessary supplies, food and instructions.  If you are interested in taking Fluffy home, please e-mail me and let me know if you are willing to take Fluffy for a weekend or the following school breaks: Winter Break, February break, April break.  Your name will be put into a rotation and you will be notified prior to the date to confirm that you can or cannot take Fluffy for that particular weekend or week.  Thanks!

Friday, December 3, 2010

An Elf Has Arrived!

A friendly spy has arrived in Room 111.  The Elf on A Shelf (or wherever else it decides to sit) has come to help keep an eye on the class throughout the holiday season.  His name is Jingles and he has all the secrets!  He reports on all of the great behavior of the students throughout this highly charged time of the year.  So far he tells me that the boys and girls are behaving and making wonderful choices.  Who knows maybe he'll swing by your house some time to tell you what goes on in the classroom!

Shedding Lights on the Holidays
Our next unit of study in the classroom will focus on holiday celebrations around the world.  Since many holidays this year are celebrated through the use of light, the children will learn about the significance of light in these various celebrations.  Students will be introduced to the light celebrations of Divali, Los Posados, St. Lucia, Hanukkah and Christmas.  They will also learn about the winter solstice -- the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year due to its lack of sunlight.

Fairy tales, folk tales and fables from around the world will be another area of study.  Many versions of some familiar tales will also be introduced.  If anybody celebrates a unique holiday, you are more than welcome to come in and discuss it with the class.  Just jot me a note or quick e-mail to set up a time.

Solving Story Problems in Math
Our class is starting a new unit in mathematics called Solving Story Problems.  We will be working on mathematical ideas such as adding and subtracting whole numbers, counting to higher numbers, counting sets of objects, and finding multiple combinations of a number.  Throughout this unit, students will be working toward the following goals:
•  Finding at least 5 combinations of 2 addends for a number up to     
•  Combining two small quantities
•  Interpreting and solving addition and subtraction story problems.
•  Subtracting one small quantity from another.
•  Representing numbers by using equivalent expressions.

At home, please encourage your child to explain his/her math thinking to you.  More information will be sent to you as the unit progresses.

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Online Ordering Information
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100 Sight Words to Practice at Home
At the right, you will find a link to the 100 sight words all first graders must know.  Please click on this link entitled 100 Sight Words for the list of these 100 sight words.  Print out this page and practice 5-10 words a night.

The more sight words children know, the better readers they become.  Sight words are words that frequently appear in print.  The same words are among those used most frequently by children in their writing.  When children build their sight word vocabulary, they become both better readers and spellers.