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Children's Yoga Resources

Yoga Resources:
A few parents have requested the name of the books I use for Guided Relaxation and the Yoga Cards the children use in the class.  I always have new and improved resources to share if you are interested.  Here are some books, CD's and other materials I use in the classroom.  I'll be sure to update this page as I come across more items of interest -- including articles on the effects of yoga on children.

The Kid's Yoga Deck
50 Poses and Games
Annie Buckley
Chronicle books
(available through most online book stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble)

Starbright  (I sometimes change the words to fit a school setting)
Meditations For Children
Maureen Garth

Earthlight (I sometimes change the words to fit a school setting)
New Meditations for Children
Maureen Garth
HarperCollins Publishers

Video - Omolulu Yoga for Empowered Living
15 minute yoga sessions for children

Yoga Pretzels
50 Fun Yoga Activities for kids and grownups
Tara Buber and Leah Kalish

Instant Tools to Refresh Your Class
by Oranda