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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chicks, Space, Matter, Letter Writing, 100th Day -- Oh My!

Museum of Science Field Trip
Next Wednesday, February 13th
There is Space For One More Chaperone
The first graders will be going to the Museum of Science next Wednesday, February 13th.  I still have an opening for one more chaperone if you are interested (it really is a fun trip!).  Please call, e-mail or send in a note if you are interested in going.  The cost for parents is $7.00.

Do you Want to Give Butterscotch 
A Home for February Break???

If you are interested in having Butterscotch the Hamster for February break, please let me know ASAP.  You will be provided with all the materials and food that you need.  Just send in a note or e-mail me at

Wee Deliver at Francis Wyman
Francis Wyman has an in-house mail system now in process.  If you would like to write a letter to your child, our address is 111 Butterscotch Blvd.  There is a huge mailbox located in front of the office.  Your kids can also write letters at home and mail them to friends at school if they know the address.  The latest FW newsletter should have a listing of all the addresses.

Valentine's Day

I will be sending home a list of all the boys and girls in our classroom if you would like to have your child send in Valentines.  We will be distributing all of the valentines on Valentine's Day.  Please refrain from putting any candy or chocolate in the Valentines due to school policy and allergy concerns.

100th Day Activities
The first grade will be switching classrooms and participating in various 100 day math activities beginning on Thursday.  This will help make counting to 100 fun.  Look for photos in a future blog.

The Chicks Will be Leaving Soon!
We have a had a blast observing the eggs in the incubator, seeing them hatch and then seeing the chicks grow.  The boys and girls have been hard at work documenting their findings in their paper chick journal (which has been sent home) and their electronic Kids Journal on their iPads.  Here are some photos of the class holding the chicks.