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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


By now you have probably received the Welcome Letter that I sent in the mail!  If not, it should be arriving soon!

I hope your child enjoyed his/her letter and is having fun decorating the puzzle piece!

Here are a few reminders to make the first day of school easy and take away the First Day Jitters (for you and your child):

Transportation Form: Please fill out and send this form to school with your child on the first day of school.  I know that some children may have different dismissal instructions for different days of the week -- please note that on the form. 
Also, I realize that sometimes dismissal on the first day of school is different from other days...if this is the case, please attach a note with your special instructions for the first day of school (for example: your child will usually go to after school on Mondays, but will be a walker or take the bus on the first day of school.)

Bus Sticker:  Please add your child's Bus Number  to the sticker and then attach the sticker to your child's backpack. (If your child is a walker you can just write walker on the sticker).
What to Expect:  The first day of school makes students (and parents) excited and nervous.  Believe me when I say that I still get nervous on my first day of school -- and I've been doing this for 19 years!

We are gong to play name games, get to know each other, explore the classroom, make graphs, orient ourselves to the school, sing songs, read books, draw and play together.  At the end of the day your child will bring home a Communication Folder. 

This communication folder will have a "Keep Home" side and "Send Back" side.  Please have your child bring this folder back to school every day regardless of whether it is empty or not.  This will be our daily form of communication.  Please send any notes to me in this folder and look in this folder every day when your child brings it home to find any written correspondence from me.  

You can also correspond to me via email at or just call!  I'm not always available to answer right away but will get back to you at my earliest convenience when I'm not teaching.  If it is an emergency, please call the office. 

Another form of communication is this blog.  Please sign up in the "follow by email" space at the top right hand corner to receive automatic updates every time I post a new blog.  It's simple and easy and looks like this:

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Click on the additional resource tabs on the right to receive more specific information about sight words, apps, free websites and more. I will continue to update these tabs as the year progresses. Look at the upper right hand side and find a tab list that looks like this:

Additional Resource Pages to Explore:

Overwhelmed?  Don't be!  I'll go over this again when we meet each other at Open House!  In the meantime, enjoy the remaining days of summer vacation with your child and I will see them on August 31st!