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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our First Field Trip to the Farm

Here are some photos from our field trip to the farm on October 6th.  Thank you to all of the chaperones who helped make this trip fun and informative!

 Our Guide, Jonathon, brings us to the beehive and explains how bees make honey.

 We visit the sheep and get to pet them!

 We spin the wheel which helps remove dirt 
and debris (like burrs) from wool.

 We visit the Nature Room and learn about mice as mammals.

 Time to visit the cows...

 ...and horses!
 We pull the cart to see if we are as strong as a pony!
(not quite yet...)

 Mr. Callahan is as strong as a pony!
 We discuss the parts and functions of deer, skunks and hawks.

 Time to visit the pigs!

 ...and chickens.
 Looking at birds of prey...

 Saying "Goodbye" to the farm.