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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Field Trips, Chick Hatching and More!!!

Field Trip to the Planetarium
Our next field trip is to the Planetarium.  The first grade has been studying about the solar system so this field trip will complement all that the children have learned so far.  We will be seeing the show "Secrets of the Sky" on Monday, February 14th (Don't worry, we'll celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, February 11th instead).  The show will be followed by a visit to the Exhibit Hall and lunch before boarding the busses back to school.

Permission slips and money are due February 4th.  We will need four chaperones from each class ... so if you want to experience a show that is out of this world and museum exhibits with our class, please hand in your permission slip soon! (Chaperones will be notified on February 4th).

(Please remember to pack a brown bag lunch on the day of the trip as children will not be permitted to buy lunch at the planetarium due to time and supervision constraints.)

The Chicks Are Coming!
Has your child told you that we have an incubator which is warming up in preparation for the eggs that the Science Center will be bringing into the classroom next week?  The Science Center has begun the incubation of these fertilized eggs and is bringing them into the class for the final 5 days of incubation before hatching. Children will get to witness life happening before their eyes in real time as these tiny creatures crack and emerge from their shells.

Can Fluffy the Hamster Come to Visit Your Home?
Fluffy the Hamster is looking for a home for weekends and holiday breaks.  Now that the little guy is used to the many hands touching him, Fluffy is ready for home visits.  Please jot me a note or e-mail me at if you wish to have Fluffy as a visitor.  Please indicate also if you are willing to care for him for the February or April break as we are always looking for a home during this time.  You will be provided with all of the food, shavings and materials that you need.

"Wee Deliver" Begins Next Week
A school-wide mail delivery system will begin next week in which children can write and send notes to friends, classmates, teachers and administrators throughout Francis Wyman.  Look for an address list to be sent home next week.  The address for our classroom is 111 Rock Party Place.  The children will be writing letters in class but they may also write letters at home and bring them.  Feel free to write letters and send them to your child via the big mailbox in the lobby.

Collecting and Analyzing Data in Math
Our class is starting a new unit in Investigations about data.  Students will be sorting objects and information, posing questions, collecting data and making representations of the data they collect.  They will also be interpreting a variety of representations of data with two categories.

We are currently learning about the glued sounds of ing, ang, ong, ung, ink, ank, onk, and unk in Fundations.  Please continue to review the "trick" words (also known as sight words) located on the menu on the right (100 sight words for first grade).  As these words become committed to memory, children will find their reading and writing become a bit easier.  Just a few minutes spent reading and spelling 5-10 of these words a night can make a big difference.  As always, please don't let this be a substitute for reading.  As assessment comes to an end, you can expect to see books coming home for your child to read again from his/her reading teacher.

DORA and DOMA Testing
The children have also been going to the computer lab to take the DORA (reading) and DOMA (math) test.  These computerized tests are universal assessments which all children in Burlington are taking at the same time.  Please know that the tests are only part of many assessments (including teacher observation) being administered this month to determine how your child is progressing.