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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Chicks Are Coming! (Actually they are HERE!)

A Chick Is Born!
While in the process of putting this blog together, our first chick was born.  By the time that I publish this blog tomorrow, I'm sure we will have many more chicks.  But here is a picture and a super short video of our first-born.
Here is the first chick cracking through its shell 
and into the world!

It tries its best to stand up on wobbly legs.  It must stay in the incubator for 24 hours before being put into the brooder box

Which came first the chickens or the Chick Hatching Show?  

Before the arrival of the incubator and eggs, the first grade enjoyed a chick hatching show put on by Mrs. P. of the Science Center.  The show was a preview into what will happen in our very own classrooms. 

Here are a few photos of the chick hatching show held last week:
First graders hold up models of eggs from birds both living and extinct (Evan holds up the extinct Elephant Bird egg)

Ms. P. explains the parts of the egg.
Ms. P.  shows a model of the inside of a chicken.
Mrs. P. explains the difference between a hen and a rooster.
A first grader from another class models how a chicken lays eggs.
...and how the hen keeps her eggs warm.
                         How many days does it take for a chick to incubate?
Mrs. P. introduces the Incubator.
She shows us the inside of an incubator...
...and the outside of the incubator

Nora demonstrates the comb and waddle of the chicken.
Introducing the star of our show... Mr. Rooster!

Back at the classroom, Mrs. P. puts eggs into our classroom incubators.

We have seven eggs in our incubator,
waiting to hatch!

The students begins writing down observations of the eggs in their chick journals.

After they write in their paper journals, they take a picture with their i-Pad and write in their electronic chick journal too.