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Friday, May 3, 2013

Dinosaur Show, Tide Pool, Planting News

Our Dino-Mite Show Is May 17th at 9 am

Mark your calendar for the show of the year, starring...YOUR CHILD!

The Annual Dinosaur Show is May 17th at 9:00 for parents.

We'll be singing, dancing and rapping about dinosaurs.
Don't worry about providing costumes as we will provide everything they need:

If your child is dancing in Supersaurus, the boys can wear a greeen or white t-shirt with jeans.  It's a fifties dance so the girls can wear a poodle skirt (if you have one -- please don't buy!) or capris.

If your child is in Stegasaurus Pete (Irish Step), the girls can wear a skirt or capris.

If your child is in the square dance (Head Banging Boneheads), girls can wear a skirt or capris and boys can wear jeans and a T-shirt.

For all of the other dances, the boys and girls can wear green or white t-shirts and jeans.

Mrs. Astone Visits the Classroom to Play Guitar 
The class had a great time listening to Mrs. Astone playing Puff the Magic Dragon and A Spoonful of Sugar. It was fun to see the children enjoying such a special visit for their principal!.

Tide Pool Field Trip is May 30th

Permission slips have been sent home for the Tide Pool Field Trip.  We need lots of chaperones so please know that you can volunteer if you want to chaperone even if you have already been on a field trip.  We will need to do lots of carpooling as parking is limited, so if you have a large vehicle which can fit a lot of chaperones that would be wonderful.

Planting Sunflowers
The children have been busy planting their sunflower seeds and recording their observations in their KidsJournal on their iPad.  It's great to see them so excited about hands-on science!  They will be bringing their plants home once they have sprouted to be transplanted to a spot around your home soon!