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Friday, January 31, 2014

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Ms. Chang (Angelina's mother) Brings Happy Chinese New Year Activity to Room 111! 

A special thanks to Angelina's mother, Christina Chang, for volunteering her time to come in and do a special Chinese New Year activity with the boys and girls of Room 111.

Here are some pictures of the special classsroom visit:
First, Angelina dressed up for the occasion in her special Chinese New Year outfit:

Ms. Chang and daughter Angelina then read a book entitled Dragon Dance which explained all about the Chines New Year celebration:

Next, the children were given various pieces of a "dragon puzzle" to decorate:

Then the black background was rolled out and the students worked diligently to put the pieces together to make the dragon:

Finally, after much cooperation, the dragon was completed successfully!
Angelina then gave out the very special treat of the Red Envelopes -- complete with the "Lucky Money" inside!
Thank you very much for a fun-filled lesson and celebration of Chinese New Year!  Gong Hey Fat Choy everybody!