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Monday, June 23, 2014

Tide Pool And Community Garden

The Tide Pool 2014!

We had some great June activities!  The tide pool field trip was one of them.  Below enjoy photos of this great day!

First, Mr. Musselman had the first graders simulate how the Earth, sun and moon rotate and orbit to effect the tides.

Kaylie is renamed "Moon."

The gang then climbs down the rocks to the ocean's edge.
Quinn finds some seaweed.
Diana and Angelina explored a tidal pool.
Kaylie finds a small sea creature!
Alyssa moves rocks to see what's hiding...
Alex carefully navigates the slippery rocks.
Alyssa finds part of a crab.
Luke finds a mussel attached to some pebbles.

The search continues...
Quinn makes his way over to a new rock pool.
Tyrese moves rocks, looking for a hidden sea creature.

We then put our findings into a tub of sea water so we can examine our sea creatures more closely.
Kaylie displays one of the mussels that the crew found.

Quinn gets brave holding a very big rock crab!

Windsor picks up a sea snail.
Tyrese displays one of two sea stars found that day!
All sea creatures are returned back to their homes.

Planting at the Community Gardens

The first grade had a great time planting sprouted plants and seeds in a plot purchased specifically for Francis Wyman at the Burlington Community Garden.  We ask that if you have the opportunity to visit the garden, please feel free to care for the garden by watering the plants and seedlings and weeding.   Enjoy the photos below:
Mr. Capolla, Master Gardener,  speaks to the children in the outdoor classroom, explaining how they can walk in the aisles and how they must avoid stepping the garden "beds." 

We arrive at the gardens!

Mr. Capolla demonstrates how to plant a marigold.

Windsor and Nikil plant a sprouted cauliflower plant. 

Angelina taps down the earth around her plant.

Alyssa and Alex dig a hole and plant their cauliflower.

Mr. Capolla gives the children Tiger Eye beans to plant.

The children take their seeds
Quinn, Angelina and Nabeeha plant their seeds.

Adding water to the seeds!

The children observe a bed of beans planted last week which have already begun to sprout!
PLEASE, PLEASE help this garden thrive!  Donate a bit a your time over the summer to care for the seeds and pull the weeds!