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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Trip To Davis Farmland

Here Are Some Great Moments From Our 2014 Trip to Davis Farmland!
Here's our Room 111 Gang at the entrance to the farm.

We had read that goats could climb ... and we witnessed this for ourselves!

We began the tour with Farmer Dan taking us on a guided hayride around the farm!

We saw llamas...

...Brahman Bulls.

One bull got up close and personal...

He came right up to our tractor-pulled hayride...

...and ate the very straw that we were sitting on!

We also saw Belgian horses...

...and Australian emus.

The scarecrow waved goodbye to us as our hayride ended.

Then we were off to see the rest of the farm animals!

We fed the goats food right out of our hands!

One bull stuck out his huge tongue for food!
He couldn't get enough to eat!

...more baby lambs.

Farmer Karen let us all pet the baby goat that she was holding!  She was so soft!

Here is a close-up of the baby goat.

Next came the fat-tailed gecko.  His fat tail makes him appear to have two heads to protect him from predators.

We each had a chance to pet him.

We pet the llamas.

We fed the sheep by hand.

We even met some alpacas.

We pet a baby chick.

We then went into the pen with the sheep.

We pet and brushed them.


We fed the llamas leaves from nearby trees.

Then we entered the pen with the baby cows.

After lunch we had some fun pretending to fish...

We even got to hold some baby goats.

One goat got very friendly...

He crawled behind Ava...

...And then his brother jumped up too!

I think he wanted Ava's jacket for lunch! (But we had already read that goats don't really eat everything.  They just explore objects with their mouths.  So Ava wasn't scared.)

Finally holding a calm baby goat.

We ended the day with fun on the giant slide!

We gathered together again before boarding the bus and heading back to school.  It was a great day!  Thank you to all of the chaperones who volunteered their day to help out and enjoy the farm with us!  Thanks also to all of you who had volunteered to chaperone for this trip but were not chosen this time around.  Don't worry!  We have more fun field trips coming up!