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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some pictures from our CARES assembly the day before the Thanksgiving Day:
First we brainstormed as a class all that we are thankful for this thanksgiving season.
We then decorated a feather, listing all that we are thankful for.
Once gathered at the assembly, our class representative (Chloe) was given the feather, blindfolded, and spun around three times before being set off to "pin the tail on the turkey."

Success!  She did a great job for the class!
After the game, Ms. P came from the Science Center with her pet falcon.  The falcon was recently chosen as our school's mascot.  (The logo is still being created by students).

The assembly ended with a "move it" song lead by the music teachers.

Happy a Thanksgiving to all!

Quick Reminder:
Please remember that Parent teacher Conferences are this Thursday. No school for students.