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Monday, December 15, 2014

Polar Express Pajama Party 

this Friday, December 19th

This Friday we will evoke the mood of Chris Van Alsburg's Polar Express by reading the story to the first grade as they sip on hot chocolate in their pajamas. Please have your child bring their pajamas into school to change into (they will need their street clothes for outside recess). We will serve the children hot chocolate and cookies made in the cafeteria. (If your child has food issues and cannot have the chocolate chip cookies made b our cafeteria staff, please feel free to send a special treat in for them to have at this time).

Learning about the Holidays through Lights

This week we are also switching classrooms in the afternoon to learn about the various holidays celebrated during this festive season. Each day, the children will learn about a different holiday. We will teach the children about Christmas, Hanukkah, Divali, Eid al Fitr and Kwanzaa -- focusing on how each holiday celebrates with light in some way. Ask your child to tell you which holiday they learned about today!