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Friday, January 30, 2015

Star Lab with Mr. Musselman

Mr. Musselman performed a Star Lab show for the first graders.
He started his show by talking about the Universe.
He showed us a model of our Solar System!

He showed another model off the Sun.
He then illustrated how the Earth would be the size of a marble compared to THIS model of the Sun.
We could fit 100 Earth's across the sun and one million Earth's could fit inside the sun.
Here is our shining sun...
...and our Earth with the sun shining on it. It is now daytime in Massachusetts.
Here it is nighttime in Masachusetts. 
We learned that one full rotation of the Earth makes 1 day. 
One day is 24 hours long.  
When our Earth moves around the sun we call it an orbit. One full orbit equals one year. 
One year equals 365 days. 
Our Earth rotated as she orbited the Sun one time. 
It was a great show and next week we get to go into the starlab to see planets and constellations!!