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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chicks In The Classroom

The Chick Hatching Experience In Room 111:

The chicks arrived last Monday and were placed into the classroom incubator:

When we arrived at our classroom on Tuesday morning, all of the chicks had hatched!

The students began recording what they observed 
in their paper Chick Notebook:

They also took pictures of the live chicks and their own writing and recorded in their 
iPad Science Notebook:

Twenty-four hours after birth, the chicks were moved to the classroom Brooder Box:

We continued to record our observations of how the chicks developed over the next few days:

We also had plenty of time to hold the chicks and observe their changes up close:

It was a great experience!  Thanks to the Science Center for providing the incubators, brooder box, eggs and eventually ... the chicks!