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Sunday, April 3, 2016

How do you Measure FUN In the Classroom?

...while also measuring the success of teamwork?

The past few weeks we have been measuring objects in the classroom with our classmates.  Not only it is teaching us how to measure objects properly, but we are also learning how to work with each other in putting cubes, paper clips, etc. together to find the length or width of an object.  More important than measuring is the concept of working together.  Here are some photos of the first graders working together to measure around the room!  Enjoy!

Going Fishing
After measuring around the room, we went fishing!  Once we caught our fish, we had to measure to see if they were "keepers" or not.  If they were long enough, they were considered "keepers" and we got to take them to our imaginary fish-fry, but if they were not keepers it was back to the ocean for them!  Below are some photos of our fun fishing adventures: