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Sunday, March 18, 2012

I-pads in the classroom and Math Night!

Using I-pads to Support Math in the Classroom!
We had the opportunity on Friday to have a classroom set of i-pads during math time!  The boys and girls enjoyed a math block using the math apps which supported the concepts which we have been learning so far this year.  The Telling Time Math app was great for supporting our latest lessons on telling time to the hour and half hour and the Penguin Math was perfect for supporting addition and subtraction.  The Penguin Math was also a timed race which the kids just loved playing -- while, at the same time, it was secretly helping their math fluency by timing them as they performed the addition and subtraction tasks (shh, don't tell them!)

Below are some pictures and some videos of the students enjoying the apps.  They enjoyed the i-pads so much that they continued playing with them throughout indoor recess, exploring apps in the Art Folder.  It was recess so I allowed them to use any app that they wanted.  During math time however, they were instructed to use only the two apps which I mentioned above.  For the last ten minutes of math, I allowed them to explore any of the math apps in the Grade One math folder.

Math and Technology Night This Thursday at 6:00 pm!
Math Night is teaming up with Technology for the first annual Math and Technology Night this Thursday from 6-7:30.  Bring your child and come explore the many apps on the i-pads in our school, witness how lessons are being used on the classroom's Interactive Whiteboards and get help using various FREE math websites in your own home!  It's a fun and informative night for everyone!