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Monday, April 9, 2012

Room 111 Has begun to Blog!

Room 111 has begun blogging!  You can read and comment on your child's blog by going to:

Click on the blog that you would like to read and leave a comment.

For your child to go on and write a new blog, they can go to:
Write in their username (provided to them on a laminated card)
Write in their password (first)
Click on: New Post and begin writing.  When they are finished they can click on “Submit for publishing.”  (I review all comments before they are published).

For your child to view their own blog and read comments on their own blog, they can click on the tab entitled “My Blog” at the top.

For your child to view blogs written by their classmates, click on the “All Blogs” tab at the top.  They can then write a comment and click on “Submit for Review” (I review all comments before they are published).

“What is a blog?” You may be asking.  A ”blog” is short for web log.  It is a journal of sorts that lives online and allows interaction between the author and reader.  Kidblog is a safe and simple  platform built by teachers, for teachers so students can get the most out of the blogging process.  Most importantly, Kidblog allow teachers to monitor and control all of the publishing acitivity.  Blogs can offer so much to a classroom.

Blogging Rules we share with the students:
First name only – never use your last name in posts or comments
Do not type e-mail addresses or screen names in your blog
Do not type home addresses or phone numbers
Make sure you are polite in your blog.
Be respectful of others’ ideas
Check for spelling, spacing, punctuation and capitalization.

Ideas for Blogging:
Journal about books being read, science experiments, topics being studied at school.  The ideas are endless.  Blogging allows more students to express their thoughts and opinions and write for a greater audience.