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Sunday, October 18, 2015

More from the Classroom and Farm Field Trip Photos

Math Fun!
Here are some photos of the children playing subtraction games.  These partner games help to teach more than just math.  They teach the children how to work cooperatively and take turns:

Here the children are demonstrating Fact Families in Math by changing the order of the equal sign:

Farm Fun!
Here the class is writing their Research Reports on animals before our field trip:

Field Trip Photos:

Down on the Farm

Here are some photos from our trip to Davis Farmland!  The children are using these photos to write about their favorite moment of the trip in their first non-fiction narrative writing to be published.  Keep on the lookout on this blog for future farm stories written by the children themselves!

A big thanks to all of the parents who volunteered to chaperone this trip!  I hope that you had as much fun as the children did!  We couldn't have done it without you! :)  Thanks also to those who volunteered to chaperone but were not chosen for this trip.  Not to worry as we will have future field trips which will need chaperones too!